Tips For Caring For Your Eyeglasses

Tips For Caring For Your Eyeglasses

Poor care and neglect can dramatically shorten the life of your prescription eyeglasses. Learning how to care for your eyewear can save you thousands of dollars, making your eyeglasses last for many years to come. 

There are 2 steps in properly caring for your eyeglasses: cleaning and handling. Both steps require some degree of precision, given the relatively fragile nature of the lenses and the frame. Read on to find out how to clean and handle your eyeglasses like a pro. 

Your eyes are a priority for the team of eye doctors at Specs In The City. From offering a large selection of high-end prescription eyeglasses to treating eye emergencies, vision conditions, and disease, our optometrists strive to be your full-service vision centre in Calgary. 

Cleaning Your Prescription Eyeglasses 

Cleaning your eyeglasses with the wrong type of cloth or with the wrong solution is one of the most common ways to damage your eyewear. Follow these steps to clean your eyeglasses properly:

Hold your glasses by the bridge: The way you hold your glasses while you clean them matters. Holding them by the temples or the end pieces is not recommended; that is how glasses get bent. Make sure your grip is firmly on the bridge, the sturdiest part of the glasses, before you begin your cleaning routine. 

Apply a small drop of cleaning solution on both sides of each lens: A single drop of cleaning solution is sufficient to remove most of the grime and germs off your lenses’ surfaces. Avoid household cleaners and dishwasher liquids, as the chemicals in these solutions can wear off the coating on your lenses. Lastly, do not use saliva. While convenient, your saliva contains germs and defeats the point of cleaning. 

Wipe your lenses and the rest of your glasses with a microfibre cloth: Always clean your lenses and your frames with a microfibre cloth. Paper towels, napkins, and your shirt can leave scratch marks on your glasses. Remember, even anti-scratching coating is not 100% scratch-proof. 

Let your glasses dry by themselves: Assuming you have been following these steps, your eyeglasses should take less than a minute to air dry. If needed, you can always use your microfibre cloth to remove excess liquid from your lenses and frames. 

Handling Your Prescription Eyeglasses 

Another common way eyeglasses are damaged is by mishandling. Here are some general tips to make sure your eyeglasses last over time: 

Use your case: Storing your eyeglasses in their case after use may seem annoying, but it is the best way to keep them safe. Make sure that your case is just the right size for your eyeglasses. If it is too big, your eyeglasses may move around inside the case and damage themselves in the process. 

Lenses always facing upward: If you need to take off your glasses, put them down or store them in a case with the lenses facing upward. This ensures the lenses will not be scratched. 

Store at room temperature: Excessively hot temperatures can damage the lenses and frames一especially if they are made of plastic. If you leave your glasses inside your car on a hot sunny day, you could find that they no longer fit your face properly when you come back. 

Care For Your Eyeglasses The Right Way  

Eyeglasses are both fragile and expensive. This means you must take extra good care of them unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars buying new ones every year or so. Fortunately, proper care can help your eyeglasses last as long as possible一or at least until your optometrist recommends a change in prescription.. 

For more information on how to take care of your eyeglasses, come see our Calgary optometrists at Specs In The City. Whether you are looking for your first pair of eyeglasses or treatment for a persistent eye condition, our eye doctors are ready to go the extra mile to help you with your vision needs. Connect with us by calling (403) 252-2020 or by filling out the online contact form


Q: Is it possible to remove scratch marks on the lens of my eyeglasses?
A: Unfortunately, there is very little you can do about scratch marks on your lens. If the damage is interfering with your vision, your best course of action is to replace your lens. Ask your optometrist about adding scratch-proof coating to make your lenses more resistant to scratching. 

Q: What kinds of lens coatings can I add to my prescription eyeglasses?
A: Popular lens coatings for prescription eyeglasses include anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating, UV coating, and mirror coating. Photochromic coatings (transition) and polarized lenses can also be added to most eyewear. Your eye doctor can give you specific recommendations based on your lifestyle.

Q: Does Specs In The City offer eye exams?
A: Yes. Our optometrists offer comprehensive eye exams for adults, children, and seniors. Eye exams for children and seniors are covered by Alberta Health care. Children may be eligible to receive a free pair of eyeglasses following their exam through the Alberta Association of Optometrists’ EYE SEE… EYE Learn program. Call our office at (403) 252-2020 to learn more.

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