Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scan — What Is It? 

An optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan is a painless and non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to obtain high resolution cross-sectional images of the retina. This game-changing technology allows your Specs in the City optometrist see each distinct layer within your retina, helping them diagnose certain eye diseases quicker and with better accuracy. This increased accuracy and speed mitigates the chances of a patient suffering eye damage that is irreversible thanks to the improved detection capabilities an OCT scan provides.

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How does an OCT scan work?

Using rays of light to measure your retinal thickness, an OCT scan allows your Specs in the City optometrist to map out and measure each distinct layer that forms the back of your eye. These in-depth measurements allow your optometrist to quickly diagnose any eye issues you may be suffering from so treatment may commence right away. OCT scans are also extremely useful in charting the success of current treatments and directing the course of treatment for various eye conditions. 

What eye conditions can an OCT scan diagnose?

An OCT scan can help accurately diagnose a number of different eye conditions. The most common eye conditions OCT scans are used to detect and diagnose include:

Helping detect and treat eye diseases quickly

The biggest advantage OCT scans provide optometrists and their patients is their ability to quickly and accurately diagnose certain eye diseases like the ones listed above. OCT scans are also highly useful when it comes to tracking how successful current treatments for certain eye conditions are, especially when it comes to cross-referencing other metrics against an OCT scan to make sure the current prescribed medication is working effectively. By quickly and accurately diagnosing eye diseases, OCT scans allow for treatment to commence immediately, helping mitigate the effects of specific eye diseases and stave off vision loss.

Painless and non-invasive

OCT scans are completely painless and don't cause any discomfort in those having the scan done. This non-invasive imaging technique may require your optometrist to insert dilating eye drops into your eyes for the scan. These eye drops cause your pupils to widen, making it easier for your optometrist to examine your retina and get a clearer picture of what's going on at the back of your eye. The technology behind OCT scans is best compared to ultrasound imaging, but by using waves of light instead of sound it achieves a much clearer and crisp image. 

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Even if you aren't suffering from any known eye diseases you can still benefit from a baseline OCT scan. A baseline scan allows for future scans to be compared with the baseline one, allowing your Specs in the City optometrist to quickly denote any changes which may have occurred since your last visit. We're always accepting new patients at Specs in the City, so contact us today to book an OCT scan and let's keep you seeing clearly!

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