Cataract Management

How are cataracts treated and what are they?

A progressive clouding of the eye lens that leads to blurry and altered vision, cataracts mainly affect those who are in the later stages of life but are more prevalent than most think, affecting up to 80 per cent of people.

At Specs in the City, our highly experienced optometrists are able to expertly diagnose and treat cataracts. This includes providing pre and post care for cataract surgery. 

If you've experienced any changes to your vision, or suspect you may be suffering from cataracts, contact us today and book a comprehensive eye exam so we can quickly address any issues you may be having. 

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What causes cataracts? 

This eye condition, which results in the clouding of the eye lens, can occur at any age. However, they are most commonly experienced by seniors. While there are a number of different causes associated with cataracts, the most common ones are excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, eye trauma, use of steroid medication, and hereditary history. If the clouding has become very severe, surgery may be suggested. Otherwise the condition could progress to the point where it's so severe that vision loss occurs and everyday activities become difficult, if not impossible, to perform.

What symptoms are associated with cataracts?

Because the majority of cataracts progress and develop slowly, most of the time those who suffer from this eye condition do not discern any changes to their vision immediately. The main symptoms that finally do present themselves once the onset of the cataract has reached a certain stage include: 

  • Trouble seeing at night
  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Issues with glare
  • Eye sensitivity

As mentioned above, because cataracts don't typically present with symptoms right away, it's important to continue receiving comprehensive eye exams on an annual basis. If you suspect that you may have a cataract due to any of the symptoms listed above, please book a dilated eye exam with one of our experienced optometrists as soon as possible.

How do you diagnose cataracts?

Here at Specs in the City Optometry, our experienced optometrists use comprehensive medical eye examinations to definitively diagnose cataracts. Our comprehensive medical eye examinations include the following:

  • Visual acuity test
  • Visual field testing
  • A cataract vision test
  • Medical history and medication review
  • An eye health evaluation

For those patients who are over the age of 40, our optometrists strongly suggest that they receive a dilated eye exam on an annual or bi-annual basis so the lenses of their eyes can be thoroughly examined for any indications of cataracts. Should the dilated eye exam discover a cataract, our clinic will refer you to an experienced opthalmologist who can perform cataract surgery for you. 

At Specs in the City Optometry, our team of experienced optometrists are here to help you diagnose and treat any cataracts you may be suffering from. Our comprehensive cataract management service includes pre and post-surgery care for cataract surgery. Should you notice any changes to your vision or start to experience any of the cataract symptoms that are outlined above, contact our office by calling (403) 252-2020 or by filling out our contact form

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