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For those who wear contact lenses, or those looking to try them out, a contact lens exam is critical. In doing so, our Calgary eye doctor can make sure you’re fitted with the most comfortable ones for your specific prescription and lifestyle. 

Get in touch with our Calgary eye clinic today and let our Calgary optometrist help you determine and select the best contact lenses for your unique situation.

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What exactly are contact lenses?

Contact lenses are thin, concave lenses which are placed on the surface of your eye to correct vision problems. A popular option, contact lenses are generally used by people who would rather not wear glasses to correct their vision.

Who are contact lens exams important for?

People who wear contact lenses regularly, or people who are thinking of trying them out, should undergo a contact lens exam to determine the most comfortable fitting ones for their specific prescription or vision correction needs. Our Calgary optometrist will gently guide you through the process and help you select the ones that fit your unique needs best.

What happens during a contact lens exam?

At Specs in the City, our contact lens exams include:

  • Speaking with our Calgary optometrist to narrow down your contact lens preferences and choices
  • Measuring the curvature of your cornea, along with the size of your iris and pupil to determine which type of contact lens is right for your eyes
  • An in-depth and hands-on training session with one of our experienced staff members so you feel comfortable handling, inserting, removing, and storing your contact lenses
  • A set of contact lenses for you to take home and wear so you can give them a test drive
  • A follow-up exam a few days after to make sure the contact lenses are fitting properly and providing the right amount of vision correction
  • A contact lens prescription determined by our Calgary optometrist

Does Specs in the City provide direct billing?

We most certainly do! Specs in the City is happy to provide direct billing for most major insurance providers for our contact lens exams and the contact lenses themselves.

How frequently should I have a contact lens exam?

For those patients who currently wear contact lenses, Specs in the City recommends having a contact lens exam once a year so we can ensure your contact lenses are fitting properly and providing you the vision correction you need. If you would like to schedule a contact lens exam, or are interested in finding out more about our contact lens services, please call us at 403-252-2020 or book online to schedule your appointment today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Specs in the City, our Calgary eye doctor will conduct a comprehensive contact lens exam which will determine the right contact lenses for you and your prescription. Even if you’ve worn contact lenses for most of your life, or you’re new to them, our Calgary optometrist will help you select the best ones for your eyes and lifestyle.

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