Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is caused when there is not enough moisture on the surface of the eye. This common condition is extremely prevalent in places that have a dry climate, like Calgary. When left untreated and unaddressed, dry eye syndrome can lead to eye infections, irritation, and even vision loss in extreme cases.

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At Specs in the City, our SE Calgary optometrist clinic is a leader when it comes to treating dry eye syndrome through tailored and comprehensive approaches to dry eye syndrome care. Some of the treatments we provide include specialized prescription eye drops, artificial tears, steroid eye drops, punctal plugs, and warm compresses. By being able to definitively identify dry eye syndrome as the cause of your current eye issues, our team of experienced optometrists can create an in-depth care plan which will quickly address your unique needs and provide immediate relief. 

What are the main causes of dry eye syndrome?

While there are a number of different things that can cause dry eye syndrome, the main ones are:

  • Windy weather or dry/smoky air
  • Too much computer/screen time
  • Eye inflammation
  • Various medications
  • Certain age-related medical conditions such as diabetes
  • An imbalance in the composition of your tears as a result of laser eye surgery

What are the main symptoms of dry eye syndrome?

The main symptoms of dry eye syndrome include, but are not limited to: 

  • Red eyes
  • Itchy or sore eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Fatigued eyes
  • Feeling as though your eyes are burning
  • A sandy or gritty feeling in your eyes
  • Contact lenses suddenly cause you discomfort

How can I know if I have dry eye syndrome?

There are numerous signs or symptoms which can help determine if you are suffering from dry eye syndrome such as:

  • Experiencing discomfort or irritation while watching TV or working on a computer
  • If your eyes have felt excessively dry or watery in the past week
  • If your eyes suddenly feel like they're burning or on fire
  • If your vision suddenly seems blurry

Feel like you're suffering from dry eye syndrome?

At Specs in the City Optometry our experienced and specialized team can quickly diagnose dry eye syndrome so you can get on the path to correcting this condition as soon as possible. Should you feel as though any of the above symptoms are applicable to what you're experiencing, get in touch with our SE Calgary optometry clinic in the Meadows Mile Professional Building and book your appointment today.

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The dangers of leaving dry eye syndrome untreated or unaddressed

Not addressing or treating your dry eye syndrome could lead to serious issues or complications down the road. A few of the more serious consequences that can result from not taking this condition as seriously as it warrants includes: 

  • Increased occurrence of eye infections
  • Increased light sensitivity or blurred vision
  • Significant damage to the surface of your eyes
  • A marked decrease in your quality of life

It's extremely important that you promptly receive care for any dry eye symptoms that you may find yourself experiencing. As always, our highly experienced optometrists at our SE Calgary optometry clinic are here to help.

How do you diagnose dry eye syndrome?

Our SE Calgary optometrists are adept at diagnosing the root cause of dry eye symptoms. This allows them to put together an effective treatment plan right away so you can begin to experience the vital eye relief you so desperately need. Our dry eye diagnostic procedure upon your first visit to our clinic includes: 

  • A comprehensive and in-depth eye exam
  • If you wear contact lenses, an in-depth analysis of them and how they are fitting
  • Analyzing your tear production for deficiencies
  • Using special eye drops with dye in them to help calculate how quickly your tears evaporate

How is dry eye syndrome treated?

Some of the treatments we use at Specs in the City Optometry for dry eye syndrome include:

  • Artificial tears
  • Prescription eye drops
  • Steroid eye drops
  • Punctal plugs
  • Warm compresses

To learn more about the types of dry eye treatment products we offer or use at Specs in the City, please call us at 403-252-2020. Our SE Calgary optometrists are committed to helping you overcome your dry eye symptoms so you can get back to enjoying life to its fullest. We’ll work together to find a cost-effective treatment plan that works for you and your lifestyle. 

Suspect you might be suffering from dry eye syndrome?

If you think you might be suffering from dry eye syndrome it's important not to delay seeing your optometrist. If left untreated, dry eye syndrome can result in serious vision issues as mentioned above. Our SE Calgary optometry clinic can help find the root cause of your dry eye syndrome, working with you to put in place an effective treatment plan that fits your specific needs and unique lifestyle. Our SE Calgary optometrists are ready to help, get in touch with us today!

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