The Hidden Danger Of Undiagnosed Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye symptoms are widespread in Alberta; in fact, 90 percent of Albertans have not visited an optometrist despite living with the constantly uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes. Albertans often dismiss dry eyes as their normal, and 3 in 5 don’t take any steps to alleviate the discomfort. Not only are people suffering needlessly, but without proper care and diagnosis, these vital warning signs are often missed.

Albertans are resilient people, living in our harsh dry, windy and cold winter climate, many of us have come to believe that the itching, burning, blurry feeling is normal for our eyes. Some of us might try to alleviate extreme dry eyes with over-the-counter eye drops for dry eyes and skip the underrated visit to our local optometrist. Without a proper diagnosis of dry eye syndrome, underlying diseases and conditions can go unchecked, and we may never find effective relief for dry eye symptoms.

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If you are experiencing signs of dry eyes, Specs in the City Optometry provides children, adult, and senior eye exams in SE Calgary to help safeguard your sight and relieve the aggravating symptoms of dry eyes. Our experienced optometrists use the latest technology to quickly and accurately diagnose any eye conditions you may be suffering from, so treatment may commence right away. Contact us today to book your comprehensive eye exam so we can help you see clearly for years to come!

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Why Do I Need To See An Optometrist For Dry Eye Symptoms?

If the promise of sweet relief from the scratching and aching of dry eyes isn't motivation enough, diagnosing the underlying cause of dry eyes can be crucial to protecting your sight and overall eye health. While you may be used to living with dry eyes for weeks, months, even years, your sight could eventually suffer from gradual, sometimes irreparable damage to the surface of your eyes.

If Dry Eyes Are Left Unaddressed, You May Experience:

  • Increased occurrence of eye infections
  • Increased light sensitivity or blurred vision
  • Corneal damage 
  • A significant decrease in vision and your quality of life

Signs To Book An Eye Exam For Dry Eyes

If you are routinely experiencing these symptoms, get relief and peace of mind for your eye health:

  • Dry feeling in your eyes
  • Feeling like you have to clear something out of your eyes or blurriness
  • Eye floaters or mucus accumulating in your eye
  • Your eyes feel tired even when you wake up

Even if you are used to this feeling, it is important to get effective relief to prevent deterioration of your cornea and rule out underlying conditions. An optometrist can perform a specific dry eye test to assess and diagnose dry eyes. and a comprehensive and in-depth eye exam, including tear production analysis, contact lens fitting, and more.  

Stop Suffering And Ask Your Optometrist How To Fix Dry Eyes

Once you have been diagnosed and ruled our underlying disease or conditions, your optometrist will discuss options to soothe and help your dry eyes. 

These may include: 

  • Artificial tears
  • Prescription eye drops
  • Steroid eye drops
  • Punctal plugs (plugs to keep your tears from draining)
  • Warm compresses (to break up blockages)

Think you might be living with chronic dry eye symptoms?

If you're experiencing dry eye syndrome symptoms, you should get an assessment from an optometrist to prevent long-term damage and diagnose the root cause. If you think you might be suffering from dry eye syndrome, it's essential not to delay seeing your optometrist. Our SE Calgary optometry clinic can help you rule out any disease or eye conditions and develop treatment options to relieve your aggravating symptoms. Our SE Calgary optometrists are here for you; book an eye exam with us today!

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What Causes Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes can be caused by many factors including:

  • Our Windy Dry Alberta Climate
  • Screen Use 
  • Infection 
  • Medication use
  • Diabetes or other underlying medical conditions
  • An imbalance in the composition of your tears
  •  laser eye surgery

What are some home remedies for dry eyes?

While it is essential to get a clean bill of health from your optometrist, there are some ways to soothe dry eyes at home, including drinking more water, reducing screen time, and using warm compresses.

Does wearing contact lenses cause dry eyes?

Contact Lenses do not inherently cause dry eyes. However, in some severe cases, an optometrist may advise you to avoid them altogether. There are some guidelines to wearing contact lenses if you have dry eyes to protect your eye health and wear contacts comfortably. 


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