Protecting Your Eyesight in a Digital World

In a world full of screen time, working from home on a laptop, and electronic entertainment of all sorts, Digital Eye Strain is becoming more and more of a concern. With the average Canadian spending approximately 11 hours a day in front of their phone, computer, and television it’s no doubt that more and more people are experiencing discomfort due to this common ailment which is also known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

If you are experiencing discomfort and are unsure of what exactly to do, here are our top tips to reduce the stress on your eyes from life in the 21st century.

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How to Recognize Digital Eye Strain

Are you wondering if Digital Eye Strain is having an effect on you? There are some telltale signs and symptoms that you can look for. A comprehensive exam with your eye care professional will confirm your suspicions, but in the meantime here are some ways your eyes may be telling you that they are feeling the burden of an excess of screen time:

  • Your eyes are itchy and irritated
  • You’ve been experiencing headaches
  • You find your eyes are tired and strained
  • Your eyes are either dry or excessively watering
  • You have issues with blurred, or double, vision
  • You experience sensitivity to the light- either natural and artificial
  • You gave unexplained pain in your back, neck, and/or shoulders
  • Your eyes are having difficulty focusing

If you find yourself wondering ‘Why are my eyes uncomfortable?’ then you just might be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome from an excess of screentime.
If you are experiencing eye discomfort, our team at Specs in the City will be your trusted Optometrist in Southeast Calgary. A comprehensive eye examination should be done regularly, and especially if you are recognizing any of the above symptoms in your vision.

5 Ways To Reduce Digital Eye Strain

With COVID-19 moving so many of us to a virtual office from home it’s no surprise that research is uncovering that more and more people are developing vision problems. Whether or not you have a confirmed case of digital eye strain there are some best practices you can implement in your life to prevent this ailment from causing you long term damage. Here are some ways you can protect yourself from the negative effects of Computer Vision Syndrome:

  1. Correct Screen Positioning: Protect your eyes by positioning your computer screen the correct distance from you. Purchasing a lift for your screen, an adjustable desk with a keyboard tray, and a wireless keyboard will allow you to fine-tune your office set up to protect your vision. Best practice is approximately 1 meter in front of you and looking slightly downwards.
  2. Clean Your Screen: Purchase a lint-free cloth and a good quality screen cleaner. Keeping your screens, and eyeglasses, clear of smudges, fingerprints and dust will allow for better clarity.
  3. Practice the 20-20-20 Rule: While working on a computer, surfing your phone, or watching a movie, take a break every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. During this screen, break focus on something approximately 20 feet away from you. This simple practice allows your eye muscles to take a rest and get some movement outside of fixation on a screen.
  4. Exercise Your Eyes: Much like the rest of your body, your eyes need to be well cared for. Take some time throughout your day to flutter your eyelids, close your eyes for a moment, and switch up your focus.
  5. Regular Eye Exams: Staying close to your expert vision team will allow you to recognize symptoms of Digital Eye Strain early on. At Specs in the City we can recommend anti-glare options, lenses that assist those who work on computers, and we can monitor your eyes for vision changes that require a corrective action.
  6. Blue-Blocking Lenses: Also known as blue light glasses, these reduce the amount of blue light that is absorbed by your eyes. Blue light is the type of light generated by tv, phone, and computer screens.

Your Calgary Computer Vision Syndrome Ally

In the world of Zoom calls, virtual classrooms, and streaming movies online, everyone, young and old, needs to protect their vision from the wear and tear of digital devices. Always let your optometrist know of any concerns you have because symptoms of digital eye strain can also be a sign of a more serious underlying eye condition.
In Alberta, many eye exams are covered by Alberta Health, or by your insurance provider. Don’t Let Digital Eye Strain go undetected. Reach out to our reliable Eye Clinic in SE Calgary today.


Q: What is Digital Eye Strain?
A: Digital Eye Strain, or Computer Vision Syndrome, is a group of eye and vision issues that are related to the overuse of computers, smartphones, and/or televisions. Some symptoms can include any combination of the following: itchy eyes, watering eyes, dry eyes, redness, general discomfort, blurred and/or double vision.

Q: Can Digital Eye Strain Cause Permanent Damage?
A: The long-term ramifications of extended overuse of screens are yet to be understood. More than ever before we are working from home, completing school on online platforms, owning and using smartphones, and spending a large majority of time online for entertainment purposes. Due to these reasons, more and more people are experiencing issues linked to Digital Eye Strain which can not only create the need for vision correction but can also be masking symptoms of more serious eye conditions.

Q: Do Eye Glasses Fix Computer Eye Strain?
A: You may have seen the buzz around blue blocker lenses, but do they actually work? The evidence is not yet conclusive but anecdotal reporting suggests users may experience relief. Corrective lenses and anti-glare lenses may also provide improved vision and reduce digital eye strain.

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