It's Not Too Late To Book A Back-To-School Eye Exam With A Pediatric Optometrist

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It's Not Too Late To Book A Back-To-School Eye Exam With A Pediatric Optometrist

Some children develop eye conditions at a young age. Children may not be aware that anything is wrong with their vision as they likely haven’t realized their perception of the world is different from anyone else. Even children who realize their vision is blurry aren’t always capable of verbalizing their vision problems. Because children aren’t able to tell you when something is wrong with their vision, you need to take them for a children’s eye exam. The pediatric optometrist will be able to examine eye health and determine if your child has a refractive error that requires prescription eyeglasses or other treatment. Getting this eye exam near the start of the school year can help your child thrive in school.

How A Pediatric Optometrist Can Help Your Child In School

The Importance Of Children’s Eye Exams For Learning
It’s estimated that 80% of learning is visual. Because of this, children who have undiagnosed vision impairments tend to struggle in school and can fall behind in learning. When children have undiagnosed vision problems, they may struggle to see the board at the front of the room or their worksheets and books in front of them. This makes it very difficult for children to participate in class and absorb information.

Vision And Behaviour In School
Vision impairments that inhibit learning can make children resent school, as they may feel as though they are behind their peers and they may feel frustrated with their lack of understanding. This can lead to behavioural problems and a building resentment for education in general. Children who need to focus their eyes to see may experience tension headaches from squinting and focusing, which can add to  frustration and lead to bad moods. Undiagnosed vision impairment can also sometimes be confused for learning disabilities or assumed to be early symptoms of other conditions, such as ADHD. Proper vision assessment can help you learn more about your child and their overall health by ruling out other issues.

When To Get Children’s Eye Exams
It’s important to have your child’s eyes checked before they start school or within the first part of the school year. This is especially important when they are just beginning preschool or kindergarten, as your child will need to put their vision to use more than they did at home. Visiting a pediatric optometrist near the start of the school year can help identify vision problems and offer treatment options before your child gets frustrated at school. Visiting the pediatric optometrist near the start of each school year should be a priority. Because children are growing rapidly, they are more likely to have changes in their vision than adults. Children’s eye exams are also vital to eye health. By taking your child to the pediatric optometrist annually, you can ensure there are no developing conditions that may be causing harm to your child’s eyes.


Take Your Child To A Pediatric Optometrist This Fall

Even if your child has already started school, it’s not too late for an eye exam. The sooner you take your child to the pediatric optometrist, the sooner any potential vision problems can be addressed and your child’s vision corrected. A pediatric eye exam will monitor your child’s vision as well as their eye health to ensure that they can see clearly and are clear of  any eye conditions. To schedule an appointment with a pediatric optometrist, contact Specs in the City at 1-403-252-2020 or fill out the online contact form, and help your child to see clearly.



Q: What if my insurance doesn’t cover optical?
A: Children’s eye exams are covered by the Alberta government, so you won’t have to pay for any pediatric eye exams. If you need frames for your young child, Specs in the City is a part of the EYE SEE… EYE LEARN program that provides kindergarten children with free eyeglasses. To take advantage of this effort to reduce the barrier of cost when it comes to vision care, simply book an appointment with our SE Calgary optometrist and let them know you would like to take part in Eye See … Eye Learn. It’s that easy!

Q: My child is nervous about visiting the pediatric optometrist. What can I do to calm them?
A: First of all, make sure your child knows that eye exams don’t hurt and that you (the parent) can be in the room with them if they would like. If your child is really nervous, you can call Specs in the City ahead of time and let the staff know. For more tips, read Children’s Health And Safety Month: How To Prepare Your Child For A Visit To The Pediatric Optometrist.

Q: My child needs eyeglasses but they don’t like to wear them. What can I do?
A: This will partially depend on the age of your child, but the main thing is typically to find a pair of frames that your child likes. This tends to help encourage children to wear their glasses at any age, even when they’re a teen. If your child is old enough, you could also consider contact lenses. If your child is too young for contact lenses, try to find frames that fit well and are comfortable so they don’t bother your child. For more information, read Does Your Child Need Eyeglasses? Choosing The Right Pair.

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