How to Choose the Right Optometrist for Your Family's Needs

Is your family in need of a qualified optometrist to oversee their eye health and vision needs? Our optometrist in SE Calgary has all the things you need to look for when choosing the right eye doctor for your family's needs in the article below. 

Selecting the right optometrist for your family can be a challenge. While location and convenience are sure to be at the top of your list, there are certainly a few other important aspects you'll want to suss out before choosing an optometrist. Let's take a look at what they are. 


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How to Choose the Right Optometrist for Your Family's Needs

Every family is different. Some require extensive ocular services, while others simply need a warm and friendly optometrist to conduct annual eye exams so their kids and partner can maintain their healthy eyes and vision. But there are certainly some non-negotiables when it comes to selecting an eye doctor for your family. Let's look closer at what they are.


You'll want to make sure the optometrist you're considering for your family's eye health has the credentials necessary to diagnose and treat numerous eye conditions. Ask where they went to school and received their doctor of optometry degree, or head to their website to try to find this information out. Most optometrists will list their qualifications and experience within the about us or bio section of their site.

You should also keep an eye out for any further education they've pursued since graduating, such as advanced courses or conferences they've attended. This means they're more than likely up to date on all the latest treatment methods and technology.


Does the optometrist you're considering even list children eye exams as one of the services they provide on their site? What about senior eye exams? If you have kids or elderly parents you're taking care of, you want to be sure the optometrist you choose for your family is able to help every member in it. While most optometrists will conduct eye exams for patients of all ages, the ones who highlight the different ones on their site are more likely to understand the importance of tailoring eye exams to who they're seeing. And if they don't mention children's eye exams anywhere in their material, it may be because they don't enjoy providing their services to kids. 

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Referrals and reviews

Do you know anyone who could recommend an optometrist for you? We don't want to single anyone out, but if your friend has glasses (and they're not purely for cosmetic purposes) then we would suggest asking them first. Gather a few recommendations from your friends and family and then head online to see how their reviews stack up against one another. If you have kids, be sure to look for any reviews that specifically mention this aspect of their eye clinic. Ditto for seniors or highly specialized services such as diabetic eye exams, glaucoma screening, or cataract management.

Don't forget about cost

Last but certainly not least, you need to take into account how much the optometrist's services are going to set you back. You don't want your family's eye care to break the bank or blow your budget. One thing to keep in mind though is that Alberta Health Care covers the cost of comprehensive annual eye exams for children up until they turn 19, and those who are 65 or older also receive one free exam per year. If you're ever unsure about the cost of certain services, just give the eye clinic a call and find out beforehand so there aren't any major surprises once the bill comes.

In the end, you know your family better than anyone else. After following the above steps and narrowing down your search, you should be able to use your gut to select the right optometrist for your family's needs based on your interaction with them. And don't forget that Specs in the City Optometry is always here to help with any eye care assistance you or your family require.


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