How To Decide Between Glasses and Contact Lenses

Has your optometrist recommended you a prescription for your eyesight? In that case, you may be considering purchasing glasses or contact lenses. You might prefer one over the other but are unsure what the benefits and drawbacks are for each option. Here is a list of factors that may help you decide which sight-correcting apparatus is suitable for you. 

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How To Decide If You're A Better Candidate for Glasses or Contacts

Lifestyle and Convenience

Depending on your lifestyle and personality, both glasses and contacts may be a suitable option. For example, if you are especially active, glasses can be annoying when they fog or get dirty from sweat and grime. Contact lenses can be inconvenient if you frequently forget or lose things such as replacement contact lenses or contact cases (or even worse, forgetting to take them out at night!) Many individuals who wear glasses complain that they become foggy when coming in from the cold outdoors or when wearing a mask. These are small things that you learn when you wear glasses or contact lenses that can lead you to make the switch. 

Dry Eyes

Suppose you suffer from dry eye symptoms or dry eye syndrome. In that case, your optometrist will be able to determine if you can still wear contact lenses. In some cases, they may not be an option for you, although there are dry eye treatments available that may help treat the symptoms so you can wear contacts in the future. 

Ease of Inserting Contacts 

During your contact lens fitting exam, you will quickly find out that contact wearers become unflinchingly comfortable, keeping their eyes open and placing their contact on the eye surface. Even for those who have a hard time not flinching or have an aversion to touching their eyes (most of us, that is), this can be something that will improve with practice; however, it is one motivating factor for choosing glasses.

Personal Style

Depending on what you’re looking for, a new set of glasses, whether a contemporary frame style or a dashing colour,  can change your appearance dramatically. If your friends and family have become used to seeing you with glasses for a long time, switching to contact lenses can be a startling fresh change as well. Coloured contact lenses are also an opportunity to change up your appearance, for example. 

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If you’ve noticed your prescription needs an update or any of the signs you may need a prescription or eye exam, Specs In The City is here for all your eyewear needs- from eye exams to glasses or contacts. Book an appointment for your next eye exam, contact lens fitting, or to view their extensive array of eyewear selections.  

If you need contact lenses in Calgary, our SE optometrists at Specs in the City are who you need to go see. Simply give us a call at 403-252-2020 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment today. 

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