Deciding Between Daily And Monthly Contact Lenses

Deciding Between Daily And Monthly Contact Lenses

More convenient than prescription glasses and more affordable than laser surgery, contact lenses are a popular option for correcting your vision. The variety of contact lenses available on the market means that you are almost guaranteed to find a pair that perfectly suits your needs. 

When buying contact lenses, an important decision you will have to make is to choose between dailies and monthlies. As you might expect, the correct choice depends entirely on your lifestyle and budget.

Your Calgary one-stop shop for everything contact lens-related, Specs In The City offers you a wide selection to choose from, including various types of dailies and monthlies, as well as the option to take a contact lens exam administered by one of our in-house optometrists. 

You Should Get Daily Contact Lenses When… 

Dailies or disposable contact lenses are not meant to be reused, whether you wore them for 10 minutes or 12 hours. 

While the idea of popping out a new pair of contact lenses every time you want to see clearer seems bothersome, dailies offer many advantages:

No need for maintenance: The use and forget nature of daily contact lenses means that you do not have to worry about taking care of them. You do not have to clean them after every use, soak them in a saline solution, and regularly clean your lens case. Simply throw them in the bin once you are done with them. 

More sanitary: Wearing contact lenses for an extended time can lead to excessive protein deposit in your eyes, which can cause cloudy vision, irritation, and even infections. Given that you are more likely to wear daily contact lenses for shorter spurts, the amount of protein deposit is reduced.

Their limited lifespan aside, daily contact lenses have really one major downside: costs. Dailies are not exactly cost-effective; buying a pair of monthly contact lenses is much cheaper than buying 30 pairs of disposable lenses. Therefore, if you are planning to wear contact lenses every day, dailies can be a huge expense over time. 

Taking all their pros and cons into consideration, one could say that daily contact lenses are best suited for new contact wearers, occasional wearers, and children. New contact wearers can begin with a box of dailies and decide whether they want to commit to wearing contact lenses in the long run. Occasional wearers may be best served by dailies as they may not get much mileage out of monthlies. Finally, children should stick with dailies because they require little to no maintenance and pose fewer health risks. 

You Should Get Monthly Contact Lenses When… 

As their name indicates, monthly contact lenses can last up to a month. Monthlies are your best bet for extended wearing at a relatively low price.

However, their durability does come at a price: daily maintenance. If you want your monthly contact lenses to last for a full cycle of 30 days without posing a health risk to your eyes, you will need to take care of them meticulously. This includes cleaning your lenses and lens case every day with a disinfectant solution. 

Monthly contact lenses are the preferred option for frequent wearers who have the diligence to take proper care of them. Their cost-effectiveness, while alluring, should not be the main reason for choosing them over dailies.  

Which One Is The Best Option For You? 

If you are new to contact lenses, you may want to start out with daily contact lenses. A few pairs will not run up costs and will allow you to get a feel of the experience. Once you are fully committed to making the transition from glasses to contact lenses, you may consider looking into monthlies, which are much more budget-friendly in the long run. Your monthly contact lenses will serve you well as long as you take proper sanitary precautions. 

Are you looking to purchase your first pair of contact lenses or seeking optometrist advice on vision correction methods? Specs In The City is the place to be in Calgary. Connect with our eye doctors by calling (403) 252-2020 or by filling out the online contact form


Q: Can I sleep or nap with contact lenses in my eyes?
A: Sleeping or napping with contact lenses in your eyes is not recommended and can put you at risk of infection, irritation, and eye damage. 

Q: Can I rinse or wash my contact lenses with water?
A: No. Even distilled water may contain germs. Always use a sterile or disinfectant solution sold at a reputable pharmacy. In the same vein, you should never swim or bathe while wearing contact lenses. 

Q: How much are daily and monthly contact lenses?
A: The lifespan of your contact lenses is but one factor that determines costs. The brand of your contacts and your online vendor matter too. However, on average, a box of 90 dailies (good for 45 uses) will cost a bit more than a box of 6 monthlies (good for 3 months). 

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